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Britt A Starr
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Go to University of Akron.
Mostly doodles. Love Anime/Mangas/comics/videogames/ Books/music/
The sun was up but clouds were covering most of the sky.                                 
The birds seem to have lost the song but the wind was just warming up for an opera. A young woman is sitting on a small hill at the edge of a forest. Her blonde hair is up in a ponytail but still trying to dance with trees. A chill runs down her back causing a shiver. She lets go of the sketch pad to wrap her arms around herself. Hoodies don't always do there jobs on windy days. Looking to her wrist and agreeing with it for once that it was time to go, so she packed her things in a large side bag heading across the field to her vehicle.


       On the drive home she drives through dirt, gravel, and then final to black paved roads of modern life. Her phone rings as a true sign of this. Music floods the jeep and ends as fast as it started with a simple click. A woman's voice rises from the silence. "Hello? Are you there Connor?"
She rolls here eyes with a slight smirk on her face and a chime of laughter in her voice. "Yes Jamie I'm here. What's going on? Why do you sounds a little panicked?"
Jamie's voice jumps in pitch and volume. "Of course I'm panicked!! The shop was to open an HOUR ago. But you're not here so I can't." Jamie takes in a deep breath. "Not to mention the phones have been ringing since 9am. So when are you getting back?"
Conner took a deep breath her self. "I'm about 20 minutes away. Take ALL the calls and write down messages from them. Tell them there was an accident and we have fallen behind. When I get there Ill call them all back and we will catch up with the incoming pieces. Tell Tommy to go ahead and put up the art for the 'Carrie' client and open the museum." her lungs pushed the last bit of air out to take more in. "Jamie breath calmly it's not the first time something like this has happened. I don't understand why you freak out so much. Go get some water and take those calls. Ill take over when I arrive."
With a flick of the wrist she closed the phone and returned it to its place in the cup holder. None of this information fazed Conner but it never does. Connor just continued to enjoy the ride back to her small company. A smile came to her face just thinking about how far the company has come. Being proud of herself she couldn't help but speak the name of her nice business. "Painted milky moon"

        The Jeep crawls into a small gravel parking space and purrs as the engine falls to a low hush. After retrieving her bag from the passenger seat she proceeded to walk toward the back door of the building. As her hand reached for the push bar on it, it was already moving away. A small ash brown head popped out from behind the door with a face relive but annoyance at the same time. "Jamie I thought I told you to mend the phones?"
Jamie's eyebrows fell as the left part of the mouth rose just an inch. "And I thought you said 20 minutes?! STARR this isn't how you should be running this place. It's not the small unknown artist museum you held in your studio apartment a few years ago you know."
Starr heads this speech many of times and she understood it very well. "O Jamie don't get your bra all bunched up I can handle this. MY business runs smoothly with the feeling of freedom and flexibility that's why we get so many clients that return often and with friends." This response is repeated as much as the statement before it.
Jamie did her normal all day activate of rolling her eyes at Starr. "I guess." With that Jamie took the stake of papers from her side and forced them into Starr's chest making her grab them with her forearms. "Well here are all the calls. On top are orders for art to be transported to other museums. Under that are people who would like to purchase pieces from an artist we have featured. And last but not least are calls from artist who would like a spot here." With her hands on her hips now Jamie finished her job description and walked away, but not with out turning her head a little to the side. "I'm taking a lunch break to smoke. You have got me so stressed." And with that she was gone.

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